Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

John goes to the market.


I can't live in a place where I can't find a job.

Pitawas lived with us for three months.

Glynn read a self-help book.

The news article painted the defendant as a guilty man, even though he had been proven innocent.

Naim followed.

You have to give me more time.

I don't know where Elizabeth is living at the moment.

There are no quick fixes for this problem.

I don't want to eat anything.


The company incurred a deficit of $400 million during the first quarter.

I take my hat off to you.

She went out without saying a word.

I don't know what to do with this.

That's the reason we need to fight.

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You can handle this without me.

I'm trying not to cry.

I'd say that's a good idea.

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"Can you hear me now?" "No, I can't hear you! There's a waterfall nearby."

I won't go unless I have to.

I guess I'll be going now.

Mommy is not home at the moment.

I have been busy writing a short story.

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Do you want to do this again sometime?

You have your work cut out for you.

Are you sure you don't want to stay for dinner?


I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye.

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There are no cops around.

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The cats are purring.

I'm responsible for them.

It doesn't make a lot of sense.

Elizabeth doesn't really talk much.

This book is a good guide for beginners.

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I knew they were coming.


No student was able to answer the question.


I think I already wrote to you.

I got the engine going.

Net profit for the period is estimated at 5 billion yen, largely unchanged from the previous one.


I thought I heard him come in.

They were the native New Zealanders before the Western people came.

I want you to know that Toft's doing OK.

It was yesterday that Alice went to a concert.

It seemed personal.

What are you up to with Gigi?

I use the internet in the bathroom.

Some people don't like that.

You are equal to him in intelligence.

I cannot understand why they are such good friends: they have little in common.

Christianity has done a great deal for love by making it a sin.

What she bought there was a camera.

Rabin didn't stop talking.

Isaac chopped wood for the fire.

I hope my theory of what happened to the plane is wrong.


Fluency in English is a must.

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Guys are supposed to respect girls.

May I have a glass of beer, please?

You must wait for the next bus.

Camille is frustrated with Alan's distracted attitude.

Shane can't always get what he wants.

I prefer soft drinks without sugar.

We're crazy.

I'm not going to take anything.

This had better be important.

He isn't as stupid as he looks.

The company's profits have been increasing.


Everyone was just sitting around doing nothing.

There is no person to do it.

Whenever she comes back from a journey, she brings a gift for her daughter.

Hirofumi drank the whole bottle of wine by himself.

Their job is to download new softwares.

His grandfather is a native Liechtensteiner.

Bring mangos.

I've known Diane since he was born.

Ask an expert.


I am sure of winning the tennis match.

She is an expert.

I'm not used to talking to people I don't know.

She boasts of her car.

It may prove to be a risky adventure.


This clock isn't working.

I left my umbrella in the cab.

The players had to throw the ball from one to another to try to get the ball over the other team's baseline.

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I don't want to get out of bed.

We kept track of all our expenses while we were in Australia.

I didn't see him again.

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She made a serious mistake.


Do you think they had a good time?


I work in the field of art.


Mosur hasn't started yet.

Maurice disappeared three days ago.

I need a dictionary.

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It is not rare for him to make such a mistake.

Look at what we have so far.

How do you know all these things, Justin?

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I don't need it back.


Nicolas is in better shape than me.

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His advice came home to me.

What about the combination of both?

I'm just teasing.

For the darkness has passed, and the legend yet grows.

What am I supposed to tell Nikolai?

I like mangas.

These cookies aren't expensive, but they taste good.


Music makes our life happy.

We'll call you.

To make matters worse, he isn't even conscious of annoying his neighbors.

Roberta is very healthy.

Who recommended Phil for the position?


Now that you are grown up, you must not behave like a child.

There is a difference.

When I opened the window, I saw children playing baseball.

Snow White was so pale that the doctor suggested she go out in the sunshine.

I have never seen anyone like her.


I stayed at the hotel, but the others went shopping.

I have a strange problem.

Ray is considerate.


Where's Nicolo's office?


When we remember that we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.

She had returned home long before.

Harris sat on the ground.

And here they are.

I was frustrated.


This is her book.

We stayed at a hotel surrounded by trees.

Read such a book as will be useful to you.

This spider is very common in Southern Africa.

He retorted immediately.


I knocked him down by $20.

The less there is to justify a traditional custom, the harder it is to get rid of it.

I don't want to miss the party.

What do you associate with summer?

Delbert is exactly the same age as me.

Today's play really moved me.

These two pieces don't fit together.

The news of the death of his son was a shock.

Danger! High voltage.

Japan tried to revive itself.

I agree with that opinion.

Do you know why I hate Hillel? Because he is everywhere.

I would like to get to know you better.

I have a good idea for you.

There's so much I haven't told you yet.

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He is reluctant to go to the college.


Do you want to go to a ball game?

I have lost faith in that doctor.

I was close to Gunter.

I have a great fear of being disdained by those I love and care about.

He has a good constitution.

Once upon a time the king of the Goldland lost himself in a forest, and try as he would he could not find the way out.

I thought Jeremy and Ronni were crazy.

That's what I think happened.

Why didn't somebody stop us?


I'm not ambitious enough.

Eat with who you want to eat with.

He seems to have much in reserve.

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You wouldn't be so casual about it if you were directly involved.

Help yourself to the fruit.

Why are you looking for a white buffalo?

That was delicious.

Are you older than Phil?

I'll be seeing Les this evening.

He studied on his own account.